21 Dec Avocado Mash

Fooddeco teamed up with World Avocado Organization and Avocados from Peru (AFP) to celebrate the love of avocados with recipes to inspire you for Christmas!


500 gram floury potatoes

1tbsp. salted butter

pinch of pepper

pinch of nutmeg

1 avocado

toppings: orange zest, olive oil, dried rose petals, fresh thyme, poppy seeds and chiliflakes


Peel the potatoes and cut the big ones in halves. Put them in a pot and add cold water till all are covered. Bring on medium heat to boil and let simmer, partially covered, for approximately 20 minutes until completely tender. Drain the potatoes and mash them with all the other ingredients until smooth and creamy.

Serve on a plate, decorated with the suggested toppings to your liking.

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