17 Sep Skinny Mint Teatox

It’s probably because of my British roots that I’m a great lover of tea! I drink a lot of it and all kinds of tea: black tea, green tea, ice tea and a new one added to my favorite list is Skinny Mint Tea. Next to drinking tea I love to incorporate tea in food – you can perfectly use tea for both savory and sweet dishes. You probably have tried to make iced tea yourself but are you familiar with Tea Pops, Tea Avocado Fries or a Bouillon/Stock?

I am! I tried all of them in our test kitchen and it really worked out great! Especially with the lovely flavours of both morning boost + night cleanse  from Skinny Mint. It enhances the flavour of your food and at the same time you’ll have the teatox benefits.

The recipe for the bouillon with lemongrass, nightcleanse tea and chia is the perfect clean and sugar free breakfast or dessert option, there’s also lemongrass in the tea mixture so this really combines well! The fruitiness of the morning boost tea combines really well with tropical savoury dishes like avocado fries with tea panko and spicy mayo! I could go on forever but I recommend you try it first!

Enjoy your Skinny Mint Teatox now – combined with tea infused food! How much fun is that!

Start your Teatox journey Today!

xoxo Colette

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